Welcome as a Keyholder.  You MUST activate your Key in order to start using it.  Your all new 2020 Toronto Key To The City is outfitted with an NFC chip technology designed to enhance and personalize the Keyholder experience.  VIP loyalty is an important aspect of our program.  The personalized, first name recognition you will enjoy when tapping your NFC chip found on your Key, for VIP perks all year, is pivotal to the success of a better personalized experience.  We keep your personal data private and do not sell it to any outside parties.   FYI: All 2020 Toronto Keys can be shown to enjoy all unlimited VIP perks in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal!

IMPORTANT:  If you ordered more than 1 Key, each other Key recipient must activate their own Key and unique code with their name and information.  This helps with renewals, reminders, suggestions and in case Keys are lost or stolen.


Fill in the following to activate your Key to use and enjoy the VIP lifestyle that awaits:

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