Toronto Key To The City FAQ

What is the Toronto Key To The City?


We’ve partnered and continue to partner with local restaurants, nightlife, entertainment venues, shops and services who want to give back to our key-holder members – and for nothing more than your loyalty.

No coupons to clip;  No miles or points to collect;  No vouchers to download.   Just show your Streets.TO Toronto Key To The City and enjoy unlimited instant loyalty perks right away.  And this awesome key is good until December 31, 2017!

How many times can I show my key to redeem for instant perks?

That’s the beauty of the Toronto Key To The City!   Our partner businesses respect your business and want to reward that loyalty with rewards on each and every visit you make.  Your key is good for perk redemption until December 31, 2017.  If you have a few favourites or local hot spots among our tonnes of perks – you can go as often as you wish.

The difference is that with every visit, you now get rewarded and this will make you want to go back more often.  Win-Win for both you and our partners.


What’s the catch?


There is no catch or surprises with a Toronto Key To The City subscription.   Key-holders simply browse perks offered at our partner businesses on our current website and beacon-technology APP now available on Android AND Apple showing each business perk page and the fine print.  The fine print simply states the rare occasions that key-holders cannot use their key such as Summerlicious, Winterlicious, NYE, Valentine’s, etc.   Keep in mind, some partner restaurants do not participate in these rare occasions so it will not affect using your key at those other locations during those events.

Our perks are about loyalty returned so obviously purchase is required in order to redeem for your perk.   (Ie.  Go for lunch or dinner at a restaurant partner location and they reward you with a complimentary signature appetizer, dessert and/or special perk bonuses throughout the year).   Simply show the key on each visit and get the perk as a thank-you from our businesses for your continued loyalty as a key-holder.

So how does Toronto Key To The City work?

It can’t be any simpler.  You will never have to swipe your key or hand your keys to anyone.  Here’s how it works:

1. Buy The 2017 Key.  Get your Toronto Key To The City + enjoy real-time loyalty perks every time you visit partners.
2. View The Site.   Check the website or our APP on Android and Apple regularly to view new + updated key-holder perks!  Register your key to receive updates on newest perks + exclusive promo codes emailed to our members.
3. Show The Key.   Show your Toronto Key To The City to partners to receive your ongoing exclusive perk!
4. Get The Perks.   Enough Said – Enjoy it over & over again at any & all participating locations all year!  The key pays for itself in just 2-3 visits, at any of our partner locations, with the average perk value worth around $15 per visit.  


What are the options for ordering my Toronto Key To The City?


The 2017 Toronto Key To The City is good for use until December 31, 2017.

Get your VIP subscription that gives bonuses and renews annually, automatically until cancelled so you get the new Key each year and more perks added constantly.  This also locks in your price of $49 for the year (Grandfathered) and locks in the rate for next year as well when our rates will inevitably increase.  You will love that you get one of the first new keys and design each year delivered right to your mailbox for just $49 per Key per year or 2 Keys for $80 which makes the Key just $40 each!  Your Key can be cancelled at any time after the year is completed.  To order your VIP subscription  – CLICK HERE


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