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Keyholders support local business.

Show / tap the exclusive Key for unlimited VIP thank-you perks at local business who appreciate Keyholders.

The VIP Toronto Key has seriously valuable benefits.

300+ partner businesses reward you; Complimentary drinks, appetizers, ticket savings & more await you.  (Perks valued at $18-$600 each visit!)

2021 Toronto Key unlocks 3 cities.

Toronto Keyholders enjoy the added benefits when traveling to get the best of Montreal and Vancouver too.

Feature Video: #SupportLocalTO

Keyholders support local businesses, together. The Key gets you rewards when supporting Toronto/GTA businesses.

Our mobile app is top notch.

Keyholders can search easily; Reminds you when near partners; Notifies you of new invitations.

Our mobile app is popular with many features to help you get the best out of your physical, gold VIP Toronto Key To The City. It doesn’t replace the need to show and tap your physical Key, but, it lets you search by category, genre, district and nearby VIP benefit partners while on-the-go.

We also geo-fence partner locations so you get reminders that will ping your phone when you near certain locations to remind you of VIP benefits that await you. This has been far and away one of our most popular features.

Our Special 2021 Guarantee.

We are so confident 2021 will be better, we guarantee it.

We appreciate the worries about 2021 with COVID and the need for peace of mind.  Our guarantee is that if the city goes into lockdown, for 120+ total days cumulatively in 2021, we will replace your Key with the 2022 Key to give you access to all of 2022, at no charge.

We understand the uncertainty but the truth is, our programme and Key not only gives you great VIP exclusive benefits, but it also saves you with our partners.  We also have added take-out / delivery perks to further ensure you enjoy the benefits and see the amazing experience of being a Keyholder.   Join us for 2021 with peace of mind – CLICK HERE.

F E A T U R E D   K E Y H O L D E R   V I P   B E N E F I T S


The perfect gift is arguably the golden Key that gives back all throughout 2021.  The Key To The City not only gets your recipients unlimited, valuable VIP benefits all year, it also supports local businesses with every time used.  It’s all about loyalty respected & returned as a Keyholder.  We have group rates for client gifting.

Email us at info@torontocitykey.com to inquire for your client or friend gifting needs. 

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