Keyholder VIP Benefit:

The social event of the year is coming May 25th, Toronto!  Keyholders save $10-$15 exclusively on all advance Greenwood Stakes Festival or Greenwood Express tickets for you and your group.

Order your tickets through the Keyholder Dashboard only for the exclusive rate savings.



THE FINE PRINT:  We are pleased to be a sponsor and partner with Greenwood Stakes coming May 25th.  Greenwood Stakes welcomes Keyholders from all 3 cities.  Keyholders enjoy exclusive $10-$15 off all Festival Tickets and Greenwood Express packages.   To access these exclusive savings for all advance tickets for you and your group, go to our Keyholder Dashboard to find link and codes there.  *** Keyholders also enjoy added benefits and savings on table bookings – inquire by emailing us at info@torontocitykey.com.   Perk has no cash value.  Perk may not be combined with any other offer.   Perk is for Keyholder only.  Enjoy Greenwood Stakes, Keyholders!

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